I’ve heard many people say this quote and I’ve often wondered what comes after the “then” for the person who is saying it. Well I’ve come to realize as I move forward in life that sometimes it’s not even important to know what comes after “then” but what is important is that you have an assurance that you will be making a change real soon and hopefully for the better. I seem to focus a lot on change at this stage in my life and I think it’s because there is so much change going on around me, within me and upon me. This clay temple no matter how divine the presence of God feels when it manifests upon us still leaves us with the knowing that we will have to move out someday and sooner than we would like. Our circle of support is getting smaller because some are going to their eternal home and some are just not able to keep up with the plans our heads make and the desires of our hearts to do some things, not mention all of the new inventions that no matter how hard we try to think “I’m only as old as I feel” make you realize that although you have the outer appearance of still being fairly young, a lot of the time you’re just not in the mood to keep up with the younger trends. Although it is very true what Paul said “though the outer man perishes the inner man is renewed day by day” you still find that it “takes two” to function in harmony the “Spirit” and the “Body” need to agree in order to fulfill what your heart desires to do. But all these changes are but a mere rehearsal for one of the greatest closing acts you will ever make as you pass through one curtain and arise on the other side of it to behold absolute splendor and a welcome party like you have never imagined and all will be well with my soul forevermore in HIS presence and HIS Glory. I feel light just thinking about that day being free from the burdens and cares of this life in this earthly temple and beholding the face of our Heavenly Father and our Elder Brother Yeshua, the angel’s and all the saint’s from the beginning and our loved one’s fully restored to their youth as eternal vessels of honor. When I was still in my fifties I didn’t care to talk or think about my home going because somehow you feel that if you think or talk about it, it just might happen before you’re ready. But we need a vision of where we’re going as Christians for without the vision people perish and I believe some lose sight of what a glorious place our Heavenly Father has prepared for us so we may be with HIM forever just because HE loves us so very much. Selah


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