To reach and inspire others to employ th

To reach and inspire others to employ the life journey of following Yeshua as Disciples first requires that we ourselves must bear the fruit of Discipleship first. Therefore let us endeavor moment by moment and day by day to walk in the Love of God that only comes through sweet fellowship with HIM, of course we know there are many distractions and life necessities that call for and even demand our attention but we must also remember that we have dunamis power by the Holy Ghost to command our time. By faith we must at times entrust certain issues and circumstances into our Fathers capable hands and stay at his feet receiving the fresh fragrant anointing that we may handle even bigger situations than the ones that come only to distract and draw our attention away from spending time with our Heavenly Father.

Be encouraged today there is nothing too hard or complicated for Yahweh to solve, trust Him today He will not fail you nor forsake you…Shalom